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Principal published works: (orchestra or chamber orchestra)

[L] Theme and Variations. Viola and Orchestra1940Chappell/Wise
Theme and Variations. Version for Viola, Strings and Harp1954Chappell/Wise
[L] Pastorale and Dance. Violin and Orchestra1944EAM
Rendezvous for Clarinet and String Orchestra.1946BVC/Wise
[L] Concerto for Cello and Orchestra1948Chappell/Wise
[L] Waltzes for Orchestra1949Chappell/Wise
[L] Hatikvah. Arranged for Orchestra1949(MCA/EAM)
[L] A Laurentian Overture. Orchestra1951Chappell/Wise
[L] Popacatepetl. Orchestra1952(Shawnee/Wise)
[L] Prelude for Orchestra1952Chappell/Wise
Hup-Two-Three-Four. Jazz March for Orchestra1953(Shawnee/Wise)
[L] Ricky Tic Serenade. Orchestra1954(Shawnee/Wise)
[L] Kol Nidre. Cello and Orchestra or String Quartet1970EAM
[L] In Memoriam Sophie. Orchestra1982EAM
The Passionate Shepherd. SATB. and Harp1983(Hal Leonard 1000099022)
[L] Variations 1984 for Viola, Strings and Harp1984(Gems GPL 192)
[L] Woodstock Waltzes. Chamber Orchestra1985EAM
[L] Quilt. Orchestra1986(Shulman)

String orchestra works

[L] A Nocturne for Strings1938(Sam Fox/Alfred: sale) [BUY]
[L] Threnody. String Orchestra or Quartet1950(Tetra/Alfred) [BUY]
[L] Portrait of Lisa. String Orchestra1954(Sam Fox/Alfred: sale) [BUY]
[L] Viennese Lace. String Orchestra1954(Sam Fox/Alfred: sale) [BUY]
[L] The Bop Gavotte. String Orchestra1954(Sam Fox/Alfred: sale) [BUY]
[L] Minuet for Moderns. String Orchestra1954(Sam Fox/Alfred: sale) [BUY]
[L] An Elizabethan Legend. String Orchestra1954(Sam Fox/Alfred: sale) [BUY]
Ben Franklin Suite. String Orchestra1963(Piedmont/Hal Leonard) [BUY]
[B] A New England Tarantella. String Orchestra1978Ludwig/Masters
[L] Ripe for Plucking. String Orchestra.1987(Shulman)

Alan Shulman published works: (various ensembles)

[L] Cradle Song. Piano or Harp1943(Hal Leonard)
[L] J.S. on the Rocks (Nightcap). Clarinet/String Quartet/Bass/Guitar/Harp1947(Shawnee/Wise)
[L] Vodka Float (Sailor’s Dance). Clarinet/String Quartet/Bass/Guitar/Harp1947(Shawnee/Wise)
[L] Dripping Faucet. Piano1959(Wise) [BUY]
Lopsided. Piano.1959(Wise) [BUY]
[L] March. Piano1960(Wise) [BUY]
Five Duos for Student and Teacher. 2 cellos.1960(Wise) [BUY]
[L] Hues of Blues. Piano1961(Masters M4121) [BUY]
[L] One Man Show. Piano. 9 short works1961(Masters M4122) [BUY]
[L] Suite for the Young Cellist. Cello/Piano1961(Masters M4123) [BUY]
Two Chorales for Brass.1962(Alfred/Masters 50508001) [BUY]
Three Sketches. String Bass/Piano1963MCA
New Directions for Strings:
-Theme and Variations. 2 violins
-Duet. violin/viola or violin/cello.
-Study in 5ths. violin/viola/cello
Pastorale. Piano1960(Weintraub/Wise)

Music for Motion Pictures

Private Smith of the U.S.A. RKO feature.
(Signed by Nathaniel Shilkret, Arranged by Alan Shulman)
[L] T.V.A. This is America. Documentary. RKO-Pathé1946
[L] Freedom and Famine. Documentary. RKO-Pathé1946
[L] Port of New York. Documentary. RKO-Pathé.1946(Mills)
Behind Your Radio Dial. Documentary. RKO-Pathé.1948
[L] The Tattooed Stranger. RKO feature.1950(Mills)

Available for sale

[L] Song Of the Moon Festival in the Woods (text: John Milton)1934$10.00
[L] Homage to Erik Satie. Cello or Viola and Piano1938$10.00
[L] Waltz. Violin/Piano (New edition)1939$10.00
[L] Piece in Popular Style. Viola/Piano. (New edition)1939$10.00
Lament. Cello/Piano1939$10.00
[Listen] Mood in Question. Clarinet/String Quartet/Harp. Parts1939$20.00
[L] High Voltage. Clarinet/String Quartet/Bass/Guitar/Harp. Parts1939$20.00
[L] Theme and Variations. Viola/Piano1940$25.00
[L] Serenade. Cello/Piano1941$10.00
[L] Four Moods. String Quartet. Score/Parts. (New engraved edition)1942$40.00
Folk Songs for Winds. WW Quartet. Sc/Pts1943$30.00
[L] Suite Based on American Folk Songs. (Includes Cod Liver ‘Ile) Vn/Pno1944$25.00
[L] Rendezvous. Clarinet and Strings Score / Parts1946$30.00
[L] Platter Chatter. Cl. Part and score1946$20.00
[L] Cello Concerto. Cello/Piano1948$25.00
[L] Suite for Solo Cello1950$10.00
Allegro, Intermezzo and Scherzo. String Quartet. Score/Parts1950$45.00
[L] Suite for Solo Viola1953$10.00
Cadenzas for Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto, K. 2991954$10.00
[L] Suite Miniature. Cello Octet. Score / Parts1956$55.00
[L] Top Brass. Score/Parts1958$35.00
Tess’ Lament. Voice/Piano1959$10.00
Pastorale and Two Pair. Cello Quartet. Score/Parts. (Gems GPL 237)1964$29.95
[L] Interstate 90. Symphonic Winds. Score (Parts: $75.00)
Kol Nidre. Cello/Piano1970$20.00
Elegy (Felix Salmond) Cello Octet. Score / Parts1971$20.00
Bach/Shulman: Sarabande. Eng. Suite #3. Cello Quartet. Parts1974$10.00
[L] Jazz Grab Bag. Piano1975$10.00
2 Episodes: Night and Ancora. Viola Quartet. Score/Parts. (Gems GPL 194)1978$29.95
3 Canadian Folksongs for Violin Quartet. Score and Parts. (Gems GPL 198)1978$29.95
[L] Lament II. Cello/Piano1983$10.00
Variations 1984. Viola/Piano. (Gems GPL 193)1984$29.95
The above titles may be ordered from the address below. Please make check payable to Jay Shulman.
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Jay Shulman
P.O. Box 602
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